How to not catch feelings for someone !!

So I’ve been asked this question a million times how to not catch feelings for someone, impossible you say. I Disagree, obviously some people can’t help catching feelings for someone if you really like this person or have a connection but some of you guys catch feelings for anyone that just winks at you or even for a stranger walking past smiling at you and you end up getting hurt. So here’s a few tips for you guys! Well its simple you develop an attitude that you’re not going to catch feelings for this person. Don’t spend too much time together, space it out y’all . Also don’t constantly call or text them unless its important! Don’t tell them you’re life story , it’s okay for them to know basic things about you and for you to know basic things about them, so relax with the over sharing because in the end it will break your heart and you will regret it . Limit physical contact understand that they may be seeing someone or already have a crush on someone thus take a step back when you feel yourself catching feelings for them, So stop being irrational and counterproductive and redirect your focus on your personal growth, aspirations and dreams.


Period tips and hacks every girl should know…

Girls are superheroes who else could bleed for a week and not die. So one of my best friends asked me to do a post on period tips and hacks because not everyone knows what to do or can handle the pain and not to mention that this is a pretty awkward topic to bring up. So I have a few tips and hacks that may help : first of all I recommend you to download period tracker apps to help you get a estimate as to when your period might be coming preferably flo. Next is food that fight PMS are chocolate,spinach, raspberries/blueberries, bananas, pineapples. You also have to have a small period kit to take with you everywhere which include things such as extra underwear,pads, tampons, painkillers ect. Don’t eat or drink anything cold because it’ll only give you cramps. Ever heard the expression stay hydrated well do so because its important to drink loads of water when you’re on you’re period. Go to bed earlier to help you feel so much better and refreshed in the morning. Use a hot water bottle and put it against you to help with cramps. Avoid eating salty snacks as it will only make the Cramps worse ,opt for fruit and unsalted foods. Easy exercises like stretching, yoga or walking help increase blood flow which cuts down cramping. Avoid drinking caffeine on you’re period as it increases cramps. Hope it helps and enjoy. Oh and don’t forget to follow my blog for more post, stay updated and miss out !